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PRX Geographic provides the data and insight that the USDA, major state and national grain organizations, railroads, barge lines, agriculture financial institutions, and regional coops use to make critical business decisions.

A fixture in the industry for over 15 years, PRX Geographic provides timely supply and demand information at the global, country, state, and county levels for corn, soybeans, and wheat.

Manage scale and complexity at a whole new level of detail.

PRX Geographic is the leading supplier of corn, bean, and wheat supply/demand fundamentals to the US grain industry. Using the proprietary CMZA method, we are the preeminent provider of origination analysis. The completeness and accuracy of our fundamentals and publications are what distinguish PRX Geographic from other agriculture information providers. Our services include:

Origination Analysis: We provide strategic planning services to help our clients with capital planning prioritization, major investments, mergers and acquisitions. The strategic service uses a geographic information system to map grain flows and measure the economics of grain origination. more >> | see a sample >>

Grain Fundamentals: The ProExporter system concentrates on corn, soybeans, and wheat using proprietary, satellite-based software to study changes in crop production every year, changes in location of demand, and thus how the forces of supply and demand will act on each other to drive changes in rates and transportation fleet usage. PRX Geographic is an affiliate of the ProExporter Network®. more >>

Feasibility Studies: Included in a PRX Geographic feasibility study is a review of the availability and cost of raw materials and other inputs, detailed analysis of the costs of production as well as the administrative and overhead components, and access to markets and prices for finished products and outputs. more >>






PRX Geographic™ is an affiliate of the ProExporter Network®. For more information, email info@prxgeo.com.

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